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Server down or something on my end?
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So I've been unable to get on the server since this morning 10-11 am my time if I remember correct. I can't seen to connect and I can't connect to dynmap either it shows up as a black box so I can't even check that to see if others are able to get on.

I keep getting this so I  dunno if is just something on my end and my connection is being a brat about going on the server or if is server wide.

Staff are aware. No explaination as to why it's down yet, but it should be back online soon.

Ah okay so it not just me then, i was wondering if it was my firewall having a problem with the server.


[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
The issue has been highlighted and should be fixed at the time of this post.


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