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Poll: Starmade!
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StarMade : Our New Game?
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So tell me, people.

Is this not basically what we've been trying to do as a Minecraft server? With factions, territories, ships, building, etc.?
So (expediting the petition process after DeathDrive put it forth) I propose we move forward with this, ditch our Minecraft ways (for the mostpart) and move on to a bold new frontier... Space. And planets.

IMAGINE, a server where 001 is an intergalactic Empire, the Conclave of Shadows is a (still) mysterious organization of people researching and developing fascinating technologies and gadgets in some far off dark region of the galaxy, people roam about in spacecraft, exploring new planets and trading, or trying their hand at being a rogue space pirate, or make their own band of space explorers and set off to carve out their own piece of this universe.

I think we could do some fantastic stuff with this. We just need the backing and approval of all of you. Wink

The game is about $15 (USD), and available through Steam, or independently off the StarMade site. (Either way you need to register your username on the StarMade site, however.)

The current Minecraft world would be made available for your downloading pleasure.

[Image: peppy2.png]
we will start the game then DeathDrive will hop on and grind crazy coin and spawn in one of his star destroyer ships Tongue
will everyones on building theirs

but it looks like fun any good tutorials you recommend DeathDrive?


[Image: 7IJN0.png]
[Image: 76561198054477983.png]
I'm not sure if should rush to a new game after having just recently bought a new one....

[Image: voices.jpg]
its free during alpha as a "demo"
he prob will charge once it in beta or such

10/10 for this seeing as it's further along in develpoment

Beautiful! If you need help with setting up stuff, like configs and whatnot, add me on Skype: Ninewave2
As for tutorials, again, the game has a tutorial system built-in, and I have a pretty encyclopedic knowledge of the game. I'll make myself available at all times while players get settled.

Feel free to get on to and lurk and ask questions in chat. I'm there (as Crusade) 90% of the time, PM me here, or add and send me a message on skype! 

I'm really looking forward to getting back to games with my old community and new game obsession (I say new, i mean only for the last 2-3 years.)
But seriously, add me on Skype. The default configs tend to be pretty limiting.

[Image: JZDaH6G.png]


I would suggest that, if there is such a thing, we'd go on "creative" for a few days just to explore the game and see what it is like.


Apples are healthy. Still you could choke yourself and die. However, apples are not classified as dangerous. Why should vaccinations be?
Vaccinations save lives.
There is a creative mode. Beats spending fifteen minutes just to build a ship then to fly out to the nearest planet, which is pretty far in most cases.

I'll just leave this here Tongue

Also, Crusade!? I remember a guy named Crusade made some pretty cool ships back in the day...
I still ended up choosing NuclearFun for my fleets because ain't nobody can hold a candle to that guy, but Crusade's ships were pretty decent too...
Was that you? O.o

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]

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