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Poll: Starmade!
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StarMade : Our New Game?
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Looks pretty good, same familiar style but switching it up with space travel.
Glad it's free during alpha, that also means if we don't end up liking it we can always switch out.

Minecraft Name: TheGameCrasher (Call me DS Big Grin )
Expert at redstone and skinning. I also make custom maps when I'm not playing on LoM, one of which has over 39k views.
Yes, rob, that is me! Smile

[Image: JZDaH6G.png]

I've been having TV-show/Movies marathons since the start of these holidays and I must say pulling out our dusty and mysterious copy of the famous 'Firefly' has gotten my quite hyped for this Tongue

I'm glad this new game has some relatedness to minecraft though. It definitely helped me to decide.

and the freebe ness too Tongue

So... I've been working on a shader pack to try and pull you guys in... more...

[Image: tI2qMKl.jpg]
[Image: XOE8G5d.jpg]
Trying to get it to be much more sci-fi.

[Image: JZDaH6G.png]

I've been pulled in long before.
I got the game and made a few ship experiments... so far the pirates have destroyed two of my ship building attempts and with one I had to start an emergency landing on a planet. Well... with my last ship (which they destroyed) I made it harrd for them. Half of their station is now in shredded blocks. AND I LOVE IT!


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Although this does look like a fun game (good spotting guys) I again I do recommend not to stay on one game.

We should be an overall game community. This would benefit everyone, as not everyone can own the game but we can continue to be a community with other games. I'm not trying to undermine how good this game looks (again, it's on my radar, hehe, geddit, space and technology thingies) I am still proposing like a Steam community or what not.

An example can be shown in this game, with a mini-community based on StarMade on our Main community, and we can have everyone who has the game to interact with our fellow LoMs (or StoneBurners, what is it now?) while we can have other mini communities like H1Z1 or I dunno, maybe G-mod or CS:GO. The point I'm trying to say is that we should be not embracing one game, but all of them!

Just pointing it out there.
please help me get the mount

Yeah That's cool man I think we're all the kind of people who like playing a range of games, so we're not going to close in on a single game if we can get a bit of a community going based around playing a variety of games socially. But for games we can host, Starmade would be a very good start, so we want to gauge how many people would join us on a Starmade server.

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[Image: 2rgyiye.jpg] [Image: n2gznk.jpg] [Image: 2nqsmqp.jpg]
I agree we should be an overall game community, but disagree that we don't need a focus...
I think it's important to have the ability to band together in other games based on our community bonds, but to actually BUILD said community and have a solid presence, we need to have a focus on one particular game, because we can't really build bonds with people if they're not playing right there with us...

Hell, back in the days when we were Vanilla Minecrafting, and we introduced a Modded Minecraft server, the community did split apart to a certain degree... Now imagine that with heaps of other games as well... The community just isn't big enough to support that sort of thing as a community... Maybe as a loose collection of mates using a forum, but not a community, and do we really just want to be a dwindling bunch of mates with 2-4 of us per game and our only real interactions via forum?

Actually splitting the community into 'mini-communities' rather than gathering people dynamically from a single existing community to participate in external games is a great way to break the community, which I know from experience :/

Think of it this way... As much as we should be able to form close-knit raiding parties to go explore other games, we should still have a basecamp where we can all come together and build the community bonds that are necessary to enable that level of close-knit-ness.

This is (I assume) why Peppy is so intent on having a game that we can host a server for, so we can run an entirely self-sufficient gaming operation and not have the success or failure or configuration of our community be dictated by the MMO developer or their Server Hosts and whatnot...

Then, after we've established ourselves as a nice bunch of folks, and we all know each other and are comfortable with each other, maybe even friends with each other -.- (which many of us already are, but we want to build the community which means new people which means getting them up to speed as well), we'd then be able to say:

"Hey guys, when I'm not StarMade-ing" or whatever our game would be "I like to play Ascent the Space Game or Modded Minecraft or Star Trek Online, and if any of you guys are interested in playing along with me there, feel free to do so"...
and we could reliably effect a semi-official 'colony/outpost-like' presence in that game without breaking those people away from the main community, while still benefitting from their being part of the same community, just in a different game...

We could make an 'official' group/faction in that game and maybe even draw more people into the wider community, and/or we could just hang out as mates in these other games, knowing ahead of time that we play well together because we're already part of a community.

*This opinion is the individual opinion of Robbeh! :3 and does not necessarily reflect anything more than the crazed imaginings of a deluded mind, and certainly not any official position on anything*

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I have it but it confused me


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