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Super Tabletop weekend or W/E
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On the 27/28th I'll be running a few things, some Cards against humanity of course and I dunno what else just yet.

AOE2:HD - 28th of Feb, 11am AWST, 2pm EADT
TT:CaH - 27th of Feb, 3pm AWST, 6pm AEDT

Depending on numbers, what is played on each occasion may be changed so we can effectively do something but not in a manner that would push others out. EG: If not enough people with TTS are around on the Saturday, we'll default to browser based CaH.

I may be able to join in on the 28th, but I'll be on duty the 27th... Will get back to you on that though!

[Image: peppy2.png]
You know jak, you could have used a better drawing utensil rather than the pixels to signify me being AFK
please help me get the mount

Bump for finalized times

I should be there for AoE2.

[Image: peppy2.png]
woooo fun our new Internets is here Big Grin
I can play Big Grin

Helpful reminder that this is tomorrow, for those joining us in TTS, ensure you have the correct mod downloaded
('Cards against humanity (With expansions)' made by CompC)

cheers cuppy hope to make it Smile
gotta build a tree house for nephew

~Roughly 40 mins till we open up the lobby

Best to boot up now folks, there is a 300mb patch to download, :/

EDIT: Internet is being slow so we'll begin as soon as it's downloaded on my end. could be about ~30 mins at this rate....


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