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Unfortunately, these are not good tidings I bring...

Due to a mismatch between IC2 nuclear reactor API and old version of IC2 Nuclear Control mod, whenever weavybaby joined the server(or anyone with a reactor), it would crash.
So Nuclear Control is no-longer on the server.

I could update it to the latest version, which would fix the problem and we'd still get Nuclear Control, but that would mean that everyone who wanted to get onto the server would need to manually install the newer version on their Tekkit client. Due to the rampant stupidity that is prevalent among the LoM community (much love), I've decided that this is probably not such a good solution...

Nuclear Control was removed, so don't try to use it even though it may still appear in NEI, it'll be a waste of time.

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
If your talking about the thermal control you don't need it. No reason to get rid of the whole nuclear reactor mod just because the thermal control corrupts the map when you place it on a nuclear reactor. Just don't use it. It's not essential to a reactor anyway and there are many designs (such as one i make my nuclear reactors with) that will never overheat unless someone messes with them.

I didn't remove the nuclear reactor mod, that is called IndustrialCraft2 and is one of the core mods of Tekkit... It would be silly to remove that when all that was broken was NuclearControl.

There is no such mod as Thermal Control in Tekkit... No idea what you're talking about there...
Are you thinking of ThermalExpansion ? That isn't in Tekkit either... That's in Technic.

Shada assumed the entire Nuclear Reactors mechanic was removed because he didn't read my post carefully enough.
It isn't.

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
Cwp thought that the whole thing had been removed. And im talking about a single item not a whole mod. I do know that if a thermal control is placed on a nuclear reactors it will cause the person to crash and corrupt the map.

NOPE... I said abd i quote nyself exactly here... 'Won't the reactor blow up if it gets too hot?' Note the question mark not an exclamation mark..........

Nope, you also said not to bother making one cause it wont work. Thats why I was annoyed at the time that I had wasted resources and why I posted to find out.

Anyway my reactor design is foolproof unless someone goes and messes with it. Even if it does explode i have tested that it will be confined to the space i build it in.


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