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(26-12-2012, 11:37 PM)Trisemigistus Wrote:  
(26-12-2012, 07:41 PM)DKoda Wrote:  
(21-12-2012, 09:31 AM)Trisemigistus Wrote:  
(21-12-2012, 08:44 AM)DKoda Wrote:  I believe it has come to the time where I start feeling very pathetic, and begin to seek Tekkitty assistance and knowledge from Oex and Trise.

Oh what am I saying, I don't even go on Tongue
But we haven't done anything .-.
You've successfully made a quarry mine out an area bigger than its normal area with markers.

I can't even do this. My Tekkit Knowledge stops at "Rotary Macerator now works"
Use Land Marks. Redstone torch in a crafting bench with lapis on top. Place at least 3 markers to outline the area you want, right click one of the markers to set the area, and place the quarry block next to one of the markers.
(26-12-2012, 08:06 PM)PURD3Y Wrote:  Ha-ha, The conclave is here to assist you in any way need, teachers all get taught by someone, that is us.
I'm not part of the conclave, remember? And I just explained it, so you're little group isn't needed here.
And who explained it to you?

Also, just thought I'd point out that "you're" is a contraction of "you are" which makes your sentence read: "so you are little group".

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
Get over it, grammar nazi.

I'm just trying to be helpful, we Conclave members are nothing if not helpful...

And I'm continuing in that tradition by helpfully pointing out that you still haven't said who it was that explained land marks to you...

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
You explained it, Rob, yes. But your grammar naziness is annoying. I know how to type properly and spell properly, just because I made a mistake doesn't mean you need to point it out every time. It gets annoying. Don't think I'll start typing better just because you're being annoying about it.

So you get our help and then say we're not needed?
* roberestarkk feels very underappreciated

And I do believe you've not made a mistake since, so it must be having some positive effect...

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
Yes, once you remove me from the group without my knowledge or allowing me a chance to know full-well that I would have been removed simply by moving to a different location, I found your group as an entity pointless.

Thank you for spamming yet another thread. I'm done with this discussion.

Ah, yes it is getting slightly off-topic.

Very well! Setting aside your bitterness, I've an addition to my quarry area to share!

[Image: moarQuarry.png]

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
A lot of small quarries run faster than one large one. I haven't implemented this system yet, but I do intend to at some point.

They might, but you'd think they'd run at exactly the same speed in terms of clearing area...
True they'd get to the bottom and all the shinies quicker, but the ratio of amount of shinies to time spent digging would be about the same no matter how many or few quarries you use, as long as the overall surface area is the same...
But that doesn't take into account the fact that there would be multiple drill-heads... Which would mean 9 quarries over a 64x64 block area would complete each layer 9 times faster than a single quarry because it would have 9 times as many drills... Even subtracting the areas under the frames that won't be mined at all, that's still substantially quicker... But the power expenditure would of course be proportionately higher...
Still, it's something to think about...

Personally I'd much rather go for the massive quarry with the single power source and single output, rather than multiple power sources, and multiple outputs... But then, my sorting system hasn't been designed for massive streams of input... It's much better with a low yield, steady stream or a 1-off mass-dump followed by a decent amount of time to deal with it. Although... I could speed it up... To the detriment of server performance sure, but it is possible... I'd not be looking forward to the sheer cost of creating multiple quarries though... Much cheaper to use Land Marks.

You've raised an interesting point...
And as a complete aside, I suggest you follow my lead and use EnderChests to get the items from the quarry to your area, rather than a large pipeline/tubeline... and buffers(tubestuff) are good to make sure you are sending stacks of a
reasonable size through the pipes at a reasonable interval, instead of
just pumping them through individually... Which looks cool but plays
havok with the server's efficiency.
Though it is, as ever, your prerogative.
Unless you live near/with people, in which case they would most certainly be affected as well, and might like to have a say.

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
I've used buffers from the very beginning, thank you.


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