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The 001 Capital City
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The 001 capital has a history that reaches back into the ages of the Brotherhood of Miners. Originally just a small hometown for Baivo it has now become the capital of the 001 Empire. A bit south from this map it hosts a military base. The boroughs marked in the map are not yet marked in the city and are only for planning purposes. For any enquiries about the 001 capital please contact me or TGC. The city is connected for the under-construction Highway 001 via Fire Rd. BTW... all roads have names. I might add these to the map at some point.

Currently an underground sewer system is under construction and some houses are already connected to it. A wastewater treatment plant will soon be built in the river mouth. All buildings can be connected to the sewers for free and you can flush any items in there. To get your building connected contact me.


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