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The General
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This is the story of my truck. It started out life in a rather sad state, with pretty much no floors, the front end wasn't on it, the engine barely ran at all.


But it had promise. The engine was hooked up the correct way after a few months of owning the thing, and it ran. The no floor issue was addressed with new floor panels, and it was driveable, albeit, more than one color, due to me and dad ripping parts off other trucks to put on it...


The engine was starting to run a bit like crap too, with hard starts, sputters, etc. As much as we tried to fix these issues, they kept coming back. So I rebuilt an engine to put in there (I'll get pictures of that in my next post) that would run and drive much smoother and more powerful than the one I had in there. But, it was high-time to get the thing all one color. So began the 2 week process of sanding, filling dents, killing rust, and turning a lot of wrenches.


The thing was starting to look a lot better (Though now many upon many different colors... Green, too.) No pictures were taken during the painting process, as well.... Kinda didn't think about it much. But hey, it was just in grey, then black primer coats. The good pictures are the ones after it was finally painted and put back together completely. I decided to go with a Dukes of Hazzard type theme, after the General Lee... See SirDipsALot86's profile if you're that curious on what that is. Anyway. Here's the final result.


[Image: peppy2.png]
And here's the engine... It's a Small-block Chevrolet 350 V8.


That's the before picture, by the way... I wouldn't put something like that in my truck. I rebuilt it, modified it, and painted it.


[Image: peppy2.png]
Nice Peppy! How long did all that take all together?

its nice when your brought up in a productive type family, and taught how to do things, or have the ingenuity to teach yourself.

i love custom reworks
our neighbour that moved in across the road owns a custom rebuilt GT 350 with addons.
everytime he starts it up it just rumbles.
apparently he takes it out to the race circuits.

I'm Watching You Grief.....  *BOOOOOM Head Shot*
Ooh, sweet. You should find out more about it. Tongue

The whole thing altogether took a couple months, as the parts for the engine took time to ship, and we had snowstorms that delayed them, etc. Painting and bodywork was only two weeks though. lol

[Image: peppy2.png]
Go on the show pimp mah ride xD

See, I wish I had a DeLorean, just so I could do what you've done, and make it a Time Machine.

Or just leave it and lake it roadworthy. Both work

[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
I love how the engine is a chevy smallblock. What a surprise!

[Image: dreadofmondayssmall.png]
2:19:20 PM: T_Nigs Wrote:use common sense
You now have an Orange truck. You have earned my respect.

[Image: nnvfhg.jpg]
[Image: 2rgyiye.jpg] [Image: n2gznk.jpg] [Image: 2nqsmqp.jpg]
is it regulatory X15 Orange ? or another standard lol
we have confirmed peppy's redneck status.. if the guns werent enough, he now owns an orange pickup truck just to stand out even more.

peppy you should rework the exhaust, put big inch truck exhaust tubes that stick up above your roof lol

I'm Watching You Grief.....  *BOOOOOM Head Shot*

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