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The World Ended! (1.10)
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So, you may or may not have seen Baivo's post the other day about a "Structure Generation" thing to replace the event he'd had planned (which is postponed due to plugin updates)... I won't spoil too much of what this all meant, but basically we had a machine that was going to generate new, interesting, and non-vanilla structures into unloaded chunks randomly, much in the same way temples and villages appear. This is about as far into spoilers as I'll go, because we'll be trying this again at a later date on a map we have invested far less interest into.

However, this all went awry and in a rather disastrous and surreal sounding turn of events, the machine had to be destroyed, but it's ghost seemed to persist. It started making people going through nether portals arrive at it's former location, now just a mystery crater blown through the bedrock at the bottom of the world in a strange, indestructible room. More concerning was the fact that people who were curious what was wrong and dared to investigate the crater and room would soon find themselves crippled by some strange force caused by two invisible armor stands, of all things. They just floated there, suspended in air, freezing anybody who came within their reach apparently. I tried to destroy them, but was totally unable to, even using commands.

I had some limited success in getting things normalized, but more problems arose as soon as I was able to cobble a solution together for one.

As far as how this concerns all of you, now... The map was rolled back, as it was our last and only option. Before you panic though...
CoreProtect still has your stuff logged. How is this helpful? Because we can restore any and all work you've lost.
So although the server will be down for a bit while we get the map restored to it's last backup (which is only 13 hours old at this point, so not much should be gone anyway), you aren't losing anything.

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The server is currently down for a few days while wrinkles in the setup of the server software are ironed out by the boisterously buoyant Baivo. There'll be a temporary map up for a few days to compensate.

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To clarify, I've set up a Minecraft realm while I work on properly fixing the server for 1.10. I've decided to challenge you all with a custom map I threw together. If you're not currently invited, post below and i'll add you.

Baivo i wasn't invited, but very interested in trying your challenge.

(11-06-2016, 06:10 PM)Turtle_Haps Wrote:  Baivo i wasn't invited, but very interested in trying your challenge.


Seems there's no end to the issues I'm encountering.

After restoring the server, the nether portals warping players to the void is still happening. Turns out this is a seperate issue. Whilst we look into it, please use the warp for the nether located at the hub.

The end data for dynmap has been wiped, it was causing dynmap to spew errors left and right.

The nether has been reset. Contact a staff member if this has caused any sort of loss. I apologise for this, but it was a necessary wipe. It was either axe the nether or axe the map as a whole. We can restore lost builds to a certain extent, just not their location properly.

Several plugins are still disabled due to being outdated, but I haven't had time to work on updating them yet.

Thanks for everyone's patience with this migration. I will continue to work on the server's broken parts after I've had some sleep.


Most plugins have been updated.

Your homes have been removed, sorry.
Essentials has been spewing errors for the last 2 days, but I've finally fixed them, as well as implementing an updated fork of essentials, titled EssentialsX. There are a few noteable changes which you can read about here:

The source of the nether portal issue has been discovered as this bug here:
The bug hasn't been fixed, and as the community has discovered, "The entire bug seems to be about the game not following the division/multiply by 8 rule in the Nether/End placement when entering the said realms, which can lead to spawning inside blocks, or falling into the Void."
The only fix for this issue, because nobody knows what causes it, is to reset the map. That leaves us to a difficult decision which i may make a poll for elsewhere. We either keep the current map and the nether portal issue, or remove both. IF we decide to follow the removing path, i'll do some testing to ensure it will actually fix the problem.

A new issue has been discovered regarding item frames/paintings. Both are currently not able to be placed for whatever reason. I've checked Worldguard, clearlag, essentials and coreprotect. None of these plugins are responsible, and i'll continue to look for a solution.

TL;DR: Previous issues have been solved, new issues have arisen. Hooray for us.

More issues persist on this map.

We are going to have to implement a new map, much as it pains us to do so.

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Could someone keep my stuff from my chests for the time being... I won't be able to get on for like five days

I'm gonna beat da mcshit outta u Trump
Well we have a week for the poll to run out if we're even going to switch maps, so it'll be until after the 22nd if we do swap maps over.

We might not even have to switch maps, it's just becoming an ever-increasing possibility.

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