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The war on Valekye
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Valekye have invaded Skymage lands with ugly netherrack ruins, and we will fight back!

Valekye and SKymages are now in a state of war, and rules of conflict are stated below. If any Valekye members breach these rules, i will throw all fairness out of the window and nuke you. If any Skymages breach these rules they will be appropriately punished or forcefully removed from the faction. 

 - All conflicts will be undertaken outside of Valekye Capital, Skymage capital, Spawn and Marinaqua cove.
 - I will always be in survival unless i am in the aforementioned areas, in which i may be in creative for building purposes.
 - I will not use 001 military gear, including armour. 
 - I will not use any of my R'n'D tech, as they are overwhelmingly powerful.
 - No grief is to be made on any faction buildings on both sides.
 - PvP from members of either faction no longer has to be announced so long as the terms above are not breached. 

I look forward to a statement from the Valekye leadership. 

SIGH if ONNNLY I was unbanned I could help... Just joking

Wait.... Wut....? Who built it? Didn't you build those ages ago?

So, I found out Xaero has built a small Netherrack altar in your lands. It was built without any Prior knowledge of myself and without permission from either side it would seem.
I am assuming he still doesn't understand the concept of claimed land as we don't have any way of showing people exactly where one border finishes and another starts.
Therefore as a means to solve this silly misunderstanding I propose that you take this up with Xaero. (Note: He doesn't even live with the faction)
If no peace can be made between you then I offer to remove him from the faction for his crimes.


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