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This? or That?
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mad, would you rather have $50 000 or a $51000 car that looses all its value as soon as you get in it?


Would you rather fight assassins with a gun that constantly explodes and blisters your hands or be stranded in the Sahara Desert?

Stranded in the sahara desert, would you rather streak on a AFL match or a cricket match?

Cricket, would you rather jump of the titanic into the ocean or jump off a sky scraper

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Sky scraper easy choice. witch would you rather having a poisonous snake bite you know the type that destroy tissue and are painful or being tied to a post with spiders only mildly venomous climbing all over you delivering painful bites until the venom builds up enough to kill you.

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Poisonous snake bite. Would you rather sleep on 8 o'clock each night and live 5 years longer or sleep whenever you want to and live 5 years less?

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[Image: 76561198054477983.png]
Live 5 years longer, the 8 o'clock one...

Would you rather eat your dog alive or chop off one of your fingers?

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Fingers. I would not be able to catch my dog alive.

Would you rather give up eating or drinking for 3 days.

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Drinking, You can get water from some foods.
Would you rather be locked in a room full of electric eels of a room full of polar bears

Bears, at least they are cuddly...

There is a key for your escape at the bottom of a pot. Would you rather dip your hand into a pot of boiling oil, or a pot of spiders.

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