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This? or That?
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Would you rather a zombie invasion or an alien invasion?

zombie, there's no alien invasion games that i play so i don't know what to do.. lol (that's what video games do to you!)

You sleep in a field of rhinos or a field of cobra's.

rhinos at least if you wake up before them you might get an amazing ride on the back of one. Would you rather have all super powers and be mortal or immortal and have one.

Red Haired Gildarts of the pirate guild fairy tail
Immortal with one super power.

Would you rather Telepathy or Telekinesis?

Telepathy so I can be in peoples head and then make them go move the thing for me. Whale bacon or cake bacon.

Red Haired Gildarts of the pirate guild fairy tail
Cake bacon,
Bf3 or Mw3?


would you rather have flying of invisibility


would you rather have to yell all the time or not be able to talk at all

Not talk at all.

Would you rather have no internet connection ever but have video games or have internet but no games.

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(09-04-2012, 09:31 PM)jak94c Wrote:  EG:
Me: Would you rather have no arms or no legs?

Riding: No Legs. Would you rather be stuck on a desert island or in the middle of the ocean on a useless boat

Dread: Boat. Would you rather eat rancid chocolate or a worm

Ginnne:worm.Would you reather be banned from classic or banned from SMP
no games i cant live with out my internet wwould you rather loose both legs and both arms or a lung and a kidney

I still think that you should be able to slap someone with a higher rank then you Dodgy
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