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 Towny is coming back next map, so start thinking of friends who could join you and your town and come play with us!

SBG Town Charter Guidelines

To apply for township please create a thread providing the following items:

At least 3 citizen players listed

1 player declared Mayor

The towns name

Have a town hall with a chest locketted to the Mayor

Coordinates to that town hall

At least one farm, one house (not a hut) and one mineshaft. Please include screenshots as proof

A screenshot of dynmap that outlines clearly marked claimed land

Finally, if you would like to have a dynmap marker for your town and also if you would like a portal from spawn/hub to your town.

Towns who wish to be more private and not reveal information that may lead players to their town may direct message either Ithicon or myself their application. Once a town is officially recognized, a beacon will be placed in the city hall chest with 33 iron blocks for the beacon.

Global town rules:

A player can be listed in only up to 2 town citizen registries. If they join a third, they must leave one of the others.

There is no limit to the number of citizens a town may have, so long as the active citizen count remains at least 3.

A town Mayor has the right and authority to manage its town citizens disputes fairly (unless staff involvement becomes necessary), deny players interested in settling within town claimed land, claim unclaimed land for town buildings and infrastructure, and advertise if they are looking for new citizens (preferably on the forums). They may also implement fair town rules agreed on by its citizens and elect their own town staff or jobs. Corrupt mayors will be removed.

Players have a right to the land they live on within a reasonable amount. Mayors may not impede on their citizens land without approval and within reason.

If a player is under 2 town registries but is only active in one town, they must be removed from the inactive town registry. Usage of a second house in a second town for storage and being registered under both is acceptable as long as the player is active in both towns.

If a player is removed from a town registry, their property will be preserved for one month for the player to claim and move their items, after which if they have not reclaimed their property or belongings it will be forfeit to the town Mayors’ possession who may then decide what to do with it.

Being ‘active’ in a town is defined as having a home or storage area that is visited frequently when playing.

Should a town lose a citizen, or citizens, which causes that town population to go from 3 or more to 2 or less, it will lose its township.

Should a Town lose its township all citizens of that town henceforth own only what they themselves built, excluding town buildings. The former Mayor, as a final act, may claim all or none of the town buildings for themselves or distribute them. Any chest locked to a specific player/s inside a town building is theirs to take only.


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