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Trade Favour
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Good afternoon my fellow players.

As a nation the Brambleshaw Protectorate grows slowly but surely and with that growth we must look outwards as well as inwards to our fellow factions. We of the Protectorate are a shrewd people and as such a mere metric of our direct relations with our factions does not suffice, I come to you today to announce our move to bolster this with 'Trade Favour'. The nature of our faction means that a vast network of infrastructure be built to suit our needs, which in turn will directly affect our ability to conduct business with YOU! 

Trade favour will accordingly be a metric by which all factions have the opportunity to have advanced standing when it comes to trade deals and the like, it goes without saying that this will be affected by any and all generosity shown towards us, be that assisting in construction works or donation of supplies towards said works. However it must be noted that this will not just be a simple scale individual to each faction, nay, all factions will share standing in a ratio based system which will be completely transparent and documented.

This idea was not born from nothing, a member of the Nautilis faction stirred the idea when they assisted with terra-forming land for our now complete tree farm, as a means to reward such acts in the future. It goes without saying then that as it stands, Nautilis currently lead in this area. 

TL;DR: By assisting the great Brambleshaw Protectorate, nations may vie for our favour in varying fields.

NB: To recieve favour for your work, please request the person you helped to relay said info of what you did and how long for.
NB 2: Favour is weighted based on available manpower in your faction (Faction numbers)

'Is this a Gulag?' - Noperino, lul

'Is the kickback from Favour meaningful?' - Just how much benefit you get depends on your Favour, as mentioned you vie for the same pie as it were, the more you lead over your next competitor the better.

'What sort of things gain Favour?' - Favour, as it stands, is being limited to projects which will largely help the general populace or help Brambleshaw run and trade easier. As listed, the aid Nautilis gave with clearing land for our tree farm or donation of materials for the upcoming Bazaar are good examples of this.

'What if X faction doesn't has as much time/members as Y faction?' - Favour is being directly linked to your available manpower; See member numbers.


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