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Trise is a pincushion, aka the Tekkit picture thread!
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Here, you can post pictures of your Tekkit exploits!
Why? Just because.
That's not a real reason? Yes it is.
No it isn't?
* roberestarkk shoots person foolish enough to argue with him.

On a totally unrelated note...
Trise went to space, and I kinda shot him a little bit...
[Image: trisePincushion.png]

Also, here's a picture of my sorting system!

[Image: sortAndSmelt.png]
As you can see, items are introduced to the system via the tube at the top, from my quarry or my manual input chest.
They are then routed via Pneumatic Tube to the filter which is configured to accept them. They cannot go to a filter that is not configured thus.
The filters automatically output any items they recieve from their input side to their output side... At each output side is a chest which contains all the filtered items.

Each chest except for two, is a crystal chest, so I can tell at a glance what they contain.
The two chests that are not crystal chests are condensers, and they are configured to accept cobble, sand, gravel, dirt etc etc from my quarry when the chests containing these items are full... The condensers then condense the excess materials into diamonds.

The tubes at the bottom right on the top row are Restriction Tubes, which make the filters to which they connect, the furthest destination from the input. This means that should an item be unable to find a closer valid inventory (One with a filter set up to accept them) they go to these default chests.

The ores and raw meats are routed to the top-left filter, which then sends them to my RM Furnace, entirely self-sufficiently powered from adjacent collectors.
The item must pass through an item detector before it reaches the furnace however, and this pulses a redstone signal to the timer down below, which resets. This allows unsmelted items the full amount of time specified by the timer before it provides the filter the redstone signal required to extract a stack of items.

Once the filter extracts an item stack (Unfortunately, the default position to take from is the top left of the inventory, which is the unsmelted section) it will then be reintroduced to the sorting system to be sorted. If the filter is too quick for the furnace, the ores extracted will be re-routed back to the furnace.
This only ever happens if multiple stacks of unrefined items are sent to the furnace, as the timer's delay is sufficient for the furnace to smelt a single stack, with time to spare.

Remember to stay tuned as I show off more of my exciting Tekkiting! Feel free to contribute!

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]

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