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Trisemigistus for staff
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What is your minecraft username?


How old are you?


How often do you play on the server?

Every day at most, a few times a week at least.

Why should you become a staff member?

Because I've been a part of this community for quite some time and have played a rather big role in many things that have happened in this community over the last few years, whether people recognize that or not it is true. If anyone questions that I'd be happy to give a few examples. I've also previously held many staff position in this community ranging from moderator to admin and also leader of a short IRC channel.

Why do you want to become a staff member?

To help maintain the new server and keep it running smoothly by way of moderating members and dealing out the necessary punishments for disruptive players and griefers to ensure a safe and friendly environment.

Do you have any past experience with being a staff member?

As previously mentioned I have held Moderator, OP, SOP, Administrator and IRC mod before before in the past.

Tell us a little something about yourself, in 100 words or less.

I currently work at a doggy daycare center working with up to 100 dogs a day, all of whom I love to death and always look forward to seeing the next day. I like video games, drawing, writing and reading. Idk. What do you want to even know?

Application accepted early on the grounds that we need initial staff and Peppy has given his agreement on this promotion. This thread will be left open for the next week if anyone wishes to make any complaints or additional comments.

Thread Closed 

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