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True or False?
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False. I find all three interesting, though I would rather live near a river or lake as opposed to the sea. Preferably in a position naturally protected from any sort of flooding. Imagine a river having dug a deep bed for itself, going through a landscape patched with a pattern of forests, plains, bushes and mountains, a house sitting a few meters above that river.... Then comes a wildfire (hell yeah, I always wanted to fight a wildfire), I have several pumps set up to protect my house, but also tons of hoseline. I can spray around all day because I HAVE AN ENTIRE FUCKING RIVER FULL OF WATER TO SUPPLY ME HELL YEAH No worrying for water tenders or hydrants, just me, the fire and the C-hose and nozzle in my hand, happily soaking the burning bushes and trees in water.

The next poster speaks more than 3 languages somewhat fluently.


Apples are healthy. Still you could choke yourself and die. However, apples are not classified as dangerous. Why should vaccinations be?
Vaccinations save lives.

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