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Poll: Should i be Unbanned.
This poll is closed.
Yes, Unban Him
7 100.00%
0 0%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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G'Day All

I have been in the lom communtiy coming up to like a year and a bit but recently i broke a drit block in to robs cave/apartment i have apolegised to rob for what i did and my actions on that night were unacceptable i promise never to destroy a block of anyones property again and i have done the wrong and i now ask if i can please be unbanned as i love tekkit to bits and would love to play on it again. Thanks for reading this application and please chosse what you thinkl is correct Smile.


[Image: img.php?id=vAussie]
I'm voting yes because it was only 1 dirt block which should only be a tempban.
Next time be more careful.

One thing I don't understand about this is why was there isn't a report. Surely Tekkit reports are the same as SMP reports? Rob, son, I am disappoint.
This is the first I am hearing of this and would like to see some more information on it. Such as:
When you were banned?

I will vote when the poll is no longer public.

Just backing up rob here.. I was on at the time when rob found him in his cave... Rob said 'How did you get in here', Awersome replied 'Through the roof' or atleast it was something of the likes, insinuating that awer broke in... anyways...

(08-09-2012, 10:28 AM)Mannihalator Wrote:  I will vote when the poll is no longer public.

Who do i change the poll to make it non public please?

[Image: img.php?id=vAussie]
Read the PM I sent you the last time you asked for a step-by-step guide...

[Image: Robereid_zps75b54298.png]
I have Looked Guys There Is Nowhere To Change It So idont know Can You Guys Please Vote I Dont Care If You Guys Vote No I Respect Your Opions So Yea Just PLease Vote

[Image: img.php?id=vAussie]

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