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Up coming Zombie apocolypse
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As you may or may not know the zombie apocolypse is upon us!!! (If you believe all the modern movies and tv shows) So tell me forum, what will be your weapon if it was the last weapon you used playing a video game, and who would be your companion, which will be the last person you texted?

To start off mine was the Heavy's machine gun Sascha from TF2, and Hall.

Heart Loves from Awesome Susie

"For now I know the sacrifice I must make and I myself find it too high. Yet if I don't make it, my children and their children will not grow in this world. How can I do nothing even when this sacrifice is very high? Peace was never achieved with silence, beauty was never created with out sight or sound and a revolution didn't ever begin with a procrastinating person thinking about change. So in this hour of this day, I know I have to move, have to start this revolution, to save my children and the children of people I love...." Excerpt from the Chronicles of Ralo®©
An incredibly sharp katana, and Oextar (because he will troll the zombies to death, which will be hilarous!)

my teeth due to the fact i would have all ready been turned in to a zombie :/

It depends if I have unlimited ammo or not. If so an M24 and if not an AA12 shotgun. For the person i'd bring one of my friend from school, he sure knows how to shoot a gun he's been doin it since he was 7 Tongue .

AK-74u With Holographic Sight, Grenade Launcher, Silencer and Foregrip and my companion would be Stalking because then i get Oextar too Big Grin

Dude u mean the ak-47su or the ak-47M

Im pretty sure theres a gun called AK-74u. Its in COD

Hmmmmmm does it have a large orange grip like area near the front of it?

I will strike them down with classic British comedy. HARRY SEACOMBE, SPIKE MILLIGAN - SIC EM', BOYS

[Image: dreadofmondayssmall.png]
2:19:20 PM: T_Nigs Wrote:use common sense
Actually nvm your right.....It is the ak-47u. Battlefield 3 and gun range you mislead me


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