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Von Doom was a victim of Snazza's Banhammer!
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Hey Guys its Snazza

I banned Von Doom for griefing Hyperaxe's cobble generator.

I would have dewhitelisted but hall hasnt told me how


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Ugh that asshole! Just because he can't dig his own dirt :x

Oh, and snazza, can you check the other cobblestone generator (when you cross the bridge, look to the right or left (right if you are heading back from that cobblestone generator) and check where the dirt at the bottom of it is... someone griefed that as well I think.

Cant Babe my bb stick dont work (for some stupid reason) :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: however i might be able to help you if you can "persuade" hall to fix my commands

[Image: tumblr_n2ywtnwc6b1toamj8o3_250.gif][Image: h019A87B1]
Well I'll just rebuild it with Obsidian, unless someone has griefed my damn Redstone->Obsidian converter... Tongue


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