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What was the first computer game you ever bought?
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I recently found the first computer game I ever bought and now I have become curious as to what was the first computer game you ever bought.

Mine was the 1999 racing game Need For Speed: High Stakes which I bought when I was 6. It's the 3rd game in the Need for Speed franchise and it's pretty much the first racing game to ever include physical car damage (both mechanical and physical). I have never regretted buying the game and I now play it again. It's really one of those games that seems never-ending with the amount of mini-games and different paths you can take.

I can always remember I used to get up at around 4am before school just to get some playtime in :')

So what was yours?

The first computer game I ever bought was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: BattleNexus. Big Grin I think it was made in 2005? I played it and finished the game (I think) and never played it again... Tongue

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The first game I ever PLAYED was Wolfenstein for the PC. good fun.

I think the first game I ever bought was Coolboarders4 a snowboarding videogame for the Playstation. Character creation and multiple gamemodes/mountain tracks made for an amazing game which I haven't found an equal for until the really recent SSX game (Titled SSX)

While I'm not a sports game junkie this, Driver and Fifa 99 were my first major games I remember having. Ah good times. Damn you flooding me with nostalgia!

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Mine was sims.. Big Grin

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The First ever game... well
The first game I ever played was....
~~CHESS!!~~ Legit and this was like 2004~2006 and then Worms Tongue

Worms world party ^^
First non-pc game was Pokemon red on GBC

My first game was probably a Mini-Golf game that I got at the post office. Or mabey it was
Zoo tycoon or Rolercoaster tycoon Tongue

my first game EVER not PC was Pokemon uhh crystal or Yellow the pikachu addition xD

I had games bought for me as presents for ages and ages since we were too poor to have pocket monies... So the first game I bought has been lost in amongst all the games I had played beforehand and all the ones I have played since...

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The first game I played was Red Alert 2, I still play it to this day.
But the first game I ever bought was this mega game pack for Atari, it had super mario on it and that sand digging one where you had to avoid enemies and get the key and the tank one where you had to hide in bushes and shoot the other player. I wish I still had an Atari and the game pack.


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