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Would you rather
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Would you rather

Body swap with a rich person or an animal of your choosing

An owl so I can devour rodents and cough up their carcasses.

Would you rather have 50DD or 100,000 in game cash


Would you rather chew on glass or chew on manure

Manure so I don't cut up my mouth.

Would you rather pinch Baivos nipples or have him pinch yours

Pinch Baivo's since I feel like he'd twist...

Would you rather live in London during the black death or live in North Korea and be in poverty.

London during the black death

Would you rather walk across a sturdy glass bridge a kilometer above ground or climb through a small dark cave that's difficult though possible to get through

Sturdy glass bridge

Would you rather have no internet for a month or no computer/phone/devices for a week

No computer phone or device

Would you rather only east spicy food for life or flavorless food for life

Spicy since I think I'd get used to it after a while

Would you rather lose an arm or lose a leg

A leg, I like having both arms

Would you rather have the entire world to yourself and have everything still function (gas pumps, internet, electricity) or find the love of your life to live with normally


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