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Would you rather
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Find the love of my life and live normally, complete and utter isolation from humanity sounds terrifying

Would you rather live in a world without sarcasm or a world without irony

World without Sarcasm

For breakfast would you rather this or that
('This' being A chocolate milk-shake oonly crunchy, and 'That' being a real Thick-shake)


Would you rather no plumbing or no electricity

No plumbing

Would you rather be unable to go out during the day or be unable to go out at night

During the day, most things I might need like withdrawing money, grocery shopping etc I can do at night

Would you rather have $500 a day for life or $10,000,000 lump sum

$500 a day

Would you rather lose control of your bowels or your legs

My legs

Would you rather fall off a 5 meter cliff or eat an entire habanero pepper

A 5 metre cliff since you didn't specify what's at the bottom so I'd choose one into a foam pit

Would you rather have an uncontrollable twitch that made you say "Heil Hitler" every 10 minutes or an uncontrollable twitch that made you punch directly forward every 60 minutes

Donald Trump so i could commit suicide

the twitch every 60 mins


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