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Would you rather
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Never eat chocolate again... any time. Please.

Would you rather have a brilliant mind and be a quadriplegic or be absolutely stupid and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger/Zyzz in their prime?

k imon Heart                     ;
Brilliant mind. Nothing about having a brain disease thats slowly causing my body the shut down so yea. Also I'm not a fan of the female body-builder look.

Would you rather be able to jump great heights/distances or be able to easily and safely withstand drops/falls from great heights?

Be able to easily and safely withstand drops/falls from great heights

Would you rather be unable to feel empathy of be paralysed whenever you tried to help someone

I would rather be paralysed whenever I try to help someone, I rely on people too much to give up my ability to feel empathy :x

Would you rather have a super sensitive sense of taste or absolutely no working taste buds at all? EXPLAIN

k imon Heart                     ;
super sensitive taste cause i could still eat pizza and chocolate and it would still taste good!

would u rather have a hot girl and be ugly or be hot and never have a girlfriend

Well, as a gay man in a good relationship I'd say neither, but for the sake of choosing, I'd choose the latter.

Would you rather base jump or eat ten habanero peppers back to back

Eat ten habanero peppers... followed by a bullet

Would you rather have 500 extra years of life or be in complete control of all of your actions, thoughts, and feelings

500 extra years of life

Would you rather live on the Earth completely alone, but have everything still miraculously function (electricity, plumbing, transportation, grocery stores stocked fresh, access to the internet, all games, information, etc.) or live in world with other people where there is no electricity or modern technology

Live completely alone

Would you rather never play minecraft again or have to play 12 hours of minecraft a day every single day of your life till you die.


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