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I joined the classic server and i went to the map "startbuild" to see if anything needed to be fixed. When i got in the map the map was flooded by lava. I was thinking that the only way this could have happened is for an op to turn on physics so i went looking around. When i was inside the spawn point the exits were closed and they were placed there by an op named "brendan1123." I also found griefing from him. I cleaned up the lava and restored the map to a previous save.

Yes. I remember that when I joined the server there was a message stating that brendan1123 had changed the physics setting.

ok derank him to guest for now

(29-03-2012, 04:21 AM)Peppy Wrote:  I am the one that went through all 72 of the spammy pony necroposts, and just spammy pony posts in general, and deleted them...
(26-06-2012, 10:46 AM)weavybaby Wrote:  Politics is all about money.
Someone flooded my map I spent hours working on! D:

[Image: dreadofmondayssmall.png]
2:19:20 PM: T_Nigs Wrote:use common sense
Oh not this dude, i had to kickban him because of swearing to much at people and about the server. So kickban.


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