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Full Version: Absence
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Hey guys its purdey here, just thought i'd drop a line seen as i havent really been on lately. I.e. the last week and i probably wont be returning for a bit. I am on uni holidays atm and i have been for a month now and i still have two more weeks of it, i have played minecraft too much lately and i have gotten bored because i dont want to waste my time building something big like i ususally do so i am leaving until the 1.3 update comes out. I'll still be Checking all forum threads when i log in on a semi-daily basis, but when 1.3 comes out expect me back in force with bigger builds then before. But in th mean time feel free to pm me if you want to have a chat or want something hawkeyed if no one else is on. Have a good day all.

Hi PURD3Y hope you have a nice holiday and ill see you on at 1.3
C u in 1.3