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Full Version: Happy Birthday Peppy!
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Although he probably doesnt realise it yet, because it's yesterday for him. In normal time, its his birthday. Big Grin Have a great day!!
Two days of celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday Peppy!

*comes in carryng a really heavy parcel and drops it with a thud* mERRRY CHRISTMAS *cough cough* i mean.. err.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEPPY !!!! guess what i got you.... TADA !!!!!! a pallet of bricks to throw at people ~!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEPPY!! Have a great one mate!
Thank y'all. Tongue And ooh, bricks!! Danke weavy. *evil grin*

* Peppy begins throwing bricks at Tonu and other various people
happy birthday!! Peppy!
Happez birthday!
happy birthday noob. XD
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