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Full Version: PLANETSIDE 2 - SHENANIGANS!?!?!?11?!1?¿
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Playing PlanetSide 2 yesterevening and these two concerning things happened.

First of all, I was sniped by a man with no head. o.O

And then to follow that up, after deploying my sunderer, it went full retard and started leaning back more and more. D:
All fun and games until someone loses a head and their Sunderer starts flipping.
i have planetside, but i couldnt really get into it. you just jump into the middle of a battle currently going on and as a low level you get blasted almost constantly. specially if the other team has control of most of the stuff already. im all for FPS games, but this seemed a tad silly.
Hahah, I was like that at first. But you join up in an Outfit and you start to put certs into the guns and station cash into the game and you get better =P

I spent $50 at the Triple-StationCash event and got $150 worth of station cash to spend on weapons, camoflauge and weapons for vehicles. And there are certain aspects to flying that can really help you with it. I have a mouse with 2 thumb buttons and I use that for pitch up and pitch down so I can use that as well as simply moving my mouse up and down to evade enemies easier. lol

Squad play is key - not just press Insert auto join a squad - get some friends, get on ventrilo and work together Big Grin
I'm in a unit with over 100 members, TR! And we use TS, much easier,
I put in a few hours, got some cert points, upgraded my sunderer so I can deploy it (in the middle of nowhere when I need ammo) and bought a bolt action sniper rifle. didn't need to pay ANYTHING at all.

My opinions on the classes:
I found that heavy assault is the easiest to play as since you have a high capacity spray-and-pray LMG as well as an RPG to kill infantry with (SHOOTING VEHICLES? LOL NO). Your special ability lets you absorb more damage for a short period of time (not that it's helpful against 20 soldiers, 2 MAXs and 4 turrets shooting you at once)
Infiltrator is also good to start with since you can cloak and stay back from the heated chaos of the battle. You can also hack terminals (so, if you are running out of ammo you can just find an enemy resupply terminal and hack it), turrets and probably other stuff.
Engineer is good at repairing stuff, so to get some certs with this class I just stuck around the warpgate (which was getting attacked by the friggin TR) and repaired the turrets. You can also repair MAXs, and get a turret which you can deploy.
Light assault lets you fly around Wink
Combat medic or whatever it is called can heal people and do this area of effect healing (which I mostly use to heal myself)
MAX (suit) gives you some strong weapons to use, as well as a lot more health. Vanu has an rpg-like weapon and a kind of light machine gun, and I think TR gets miniguns. You can only get healed by engineers though Sad
[/end of info dump]
ok is planetside a good game?
cause ive been thinking about getting it but not sure though to waste my internet on it
and also according to hypers post this sounds a little like team fortress 2 :/
It's a great game.
Haha I would play planetside. But the installer alone would probably crash my computer.
(14-01-2013, 06:55 PM)jak94c Wrote: [ -> ]Haha I would play planetside. But the installer alone would probably crash my computer.
The installer is fine... it's just the huge download that comes after that would Wink
how many GB?
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