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Full Version: Griefing
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I just had someone shooting around with a grenade launcher, killing three or more of my villagers. Also the iron golem of my villagers were killed and iron golems spawned on this watch tower. When climbing it, I saw that person holding a dimaond and an MG, but having invisibility (particle effects). As evidence I have a photo of the iron golems. The villagers killed were, as far as I know, two farmers and one peasant, my most important ones. Screenshot of the tower will be added asap.
Didn't pep AND cwp already state that nothing was amiss?
They both stated that coreprotect couldn't detect who killed them, but they obviously weren't there. Anyways I have now got a few dozen villagers so I am fine. They do however cause a bit of lag so I will 1. move away to despawn chunks and 2. get to put them into boxes individually.
Can we get an idea on what you plan to do about the villagers yet fire? If not I'll just go round culling 'em for you.
That is to say, place the 10 you want to keep in a marked spot away from the others, Smile.
Due to lack of any news as to villager progress,culling was done. ~10 left.