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Full Version: EllaA2013
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As I noticed yesterday my fields have partially been harvested without my permission. Also at least one field was trampled down. Today I had Baivo checking it for me and he found out, that Ella had also stolen form my egg chest (which is unlocketted and therefore not against rules, however griefing is). Breaking these blocks without my permission (which was far more than 5) as well as trampling down at least one field block is grief in my eyes.

Got any screenshots of the blocks she broke? Evidence of 1 wheat being removed isn't really helpful.
I can attest to this incident, as i was the one taking the screenshots. I gave a few to fire, obviously only one was posted up there. I'd just like to mention a few more recent incidents with Ella involved. She broke a few blocks at the casino machine i had at spawn, stole gold from one of my hoppers and was also found building in land claimed by death_drach. None of these i made a report for, but it's worth mentioning.
(24-05-2015, 09:21 AM)ridingmaster Wrote: [ -> ]Got any screenshots of the blocks she broke? Evidence of 1 wheat being removed isn't really helpful.

Unfortunately. I know she has harvested on eof these "sections" of my field. But at the point when it was still visible, I forgot to take screenshots.
That may be and I do trust your word Baivo but formalities do apply and we'd need more than the 1 screenshot currently given, so if you want to press this further fire then please provide them, if not then I'll lock this thread in a couple 'o days.
I can gather screenshots on the stuff i posted about if you want, i'll wait and see if fire wants to go ahead with it before i make the effort though.
Aye, that would be best.
well... I would actually like to push this report through, especially after heraing there have been several incidents. However, as I said, I didn't make any screenshots. If oyu want, you can have a look at the fields yourself, I only harvested them once since the incident. But anyways, I hope that Baivo has some screenshots and I would be very grateful if he posts them.
Due to lack of response, report is closed