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Full Version: Cup's plans
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A proper event area!

Yeah, I've tried this before but that was out of the server, this time I intend to make this something that will not require me to be online, think "Oi Lup fite me." "Ok." To which they could, if they so choose make use of the facilities that I'm building.

So, that's the broad outline but let us get down to the nitty gritty....

Firstly, as I mentioned, I'm aiming for at least a good chunk of them to be something you can just come and do, whenever you and a bunch of people want to do a thing. Now you may be wondering, what sort of things? Well, here is the not-so-comprehensive list so far.
  • Four themed PvP arenas
  • Some PvE arenas (Think zombie survival and other wave-mode type things.)
  • Smaller minigames (Think spleef, pictionary and other fun little thingos)
  • Build-off space

So, those are the sort of things you can definitely expect to find but I also have other ideas that may or may not come into fruition and while it might seem out of place for me to mention here, something that might not even get done, it's a good way for me to gauge the reaction to them. 
  • Command block-run events
  • Prize-tokens
  • Etc

Anways, I'll leave it there and drop a pic of the current situation build-progress wise, Big Grin
[Image: ygEqNz2.jpg]