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Full Version: I had a dream (tathen, read this)
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I'm playing two games right now, one obviously minecraft and the other is assassins creed brotherhood. In brotherhood, ezio, the main guy, follows some of his targets before assassinating them. The targets once in a while will stop and look around to be sure they arent being followed, and ezio hides.

Welll I had a dream lastnight that i logged into our very own smp, with the the white names, no ranks and pvp. Soon after, Tathen logged in. I said "hi" but he just stood there. So i began heading for my house. We both started at spawn, btw. Before leaving Galeners spawn area, i looked around, and didnt see tathen. i continued my long walk back home, during the night because no hostile mobs are on, and occasionally checked behind me. Every now and then i saw a glance of tathens name before he hid.

When i got home and opened my door i turned around to close it to find tathen standing in the doorway. He had a stick in his hand and proceeded to beat me to death with it. the game was lagging so i tried defending myself with my cake, and thought i was winning, until i GAME OVER'd...

Thanks tathen... thanks.

^^^True story of my dream lastnight >_>
yeah sorry about that i was bored.... and no 1 was wake :/
Tongue but really, my dreams? why :ppppP

I dont want to be massacred ingame, let alone in my dreams >_>
yeah ill go pick on sum1 els :/ ill use a block of wood this time or maybe just the old drown them in sand
lmao!, Tris, you've got problems mate..