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Mob Traps (MUST READ) - D'Koda - 08-12-2012

Due to there being a lot of confusion with Mob Traps, I figured it would be best to create a thread so that people can see my opinions on traps.

Overworld traps, like Spider (Tentative), Zombie, and Skeleton, are free for players to make private. As of writing, you are allowed to create these traps, and make them purely for you. While this takes the fun out of finding materials, I figure that it isn't overly harmful.

Nether traps for blazes however, are STRICTLY PUBLIC. 7 Blaze Rods = 2 diamonds. The rods are unbelieveably powerful, and as a result of their large EMC output, are not permitted to be used as private traps.

ALL BLAZE ROD FARMS ARE PUBLIC - Failure to understand this will result in the Mob Spawner being destroyed, irreversibly damaging the farm permanently. If someone wants to make a private Blaze farm, you're wasting your time. We will find it, and we will destroy it.

Another thing that I'm aware of, is players automating drops. As of the 14th of December, 2012, All automatic Mob drop farms are banned. Some automation is permitted after this date, but all farms must have the final blow be dealt by the player. The player is then to manually pick up the drops - they aren't to fall into obsidian tubing to an Energy Condenser.

Example, You cannot use a piston to "squash" all mobs that enter an area, killing them. However, you can use a piston to "squash" the mobs leaving them with half a heart, allowing you to punch them with your hand, killing them. This is to ensure players don't go afk near a trap, leaving their computers on while they go to school, and getting 250,000 EMC by doing absolutely nothing. This is tekkit - be creative!

I've forgotten things here, but I'll probably remember them later, and make a separate thread.

Please reply after you have read this thread.

RE: Mob Traps (MUST READ) - Nigs - 08-12-2012


RE: Mob Traps (MUST READ) - Guest - 08-12-2012

I've read this, i'm still building the public one, when it's finished i'll let everyone know because i intend on making a rail system to it

RE: Mob Traps (MUST READ) - ridingmaster - 08-12-2012

I've read it. Twice. Wink

RE: Mob Traps (MUST READ) - BOOMSNIPER - 08-12-2012

read and understood Smile

RE: Mob Traps (MUST READ) - cwpaus - 08-12-2012


RE: Mob Traps (MUST READ) - roberestarkk - 09-12-2012

1 question... Does the "you gotta kill them yourself rule" include peaceful mobs?
Because the railcraft feed stations I've setup caused me huge amounts of problems when I forgot to cull them in a timely manner...
The masses of pigs was repeatedly lagging me out, and without my ring of arcana burning them all to bits, I can't imagine ever being able to clear them all up... Even Archangel's smite was ineffective...

Actually... I've just figured out a spiffy way to counteract this effect, because Tekkit is awesome like that... But my initial question might as well still be answered...

RE: Mob Traps (MUST READ) - StartMining - 09-12-2012

roger that!

RE: Mob Traps (MUST READ) - shada0071 - 09-12-2012

Read and understood.

RE: Mob Traps (MUST READ) - martch15 - 09-12-2012