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Planned New Map - cwpaus - 24-01-2018

Evening folks, today I'm here to announce the first in a few different announcements over the next couple of weeks, in that we are currently in the prep-phase for a new map.

As of yet, only a few things have been decided in relation to the new map, things such as whether the map with be amplified or not will be polled while other, more plugin related stuff is still in talks on our end before we present them to you lot, Smile. The time frame for this, as far as I'm aware, currently is 3-4 weeks while the aforementioned talks go on. 

While this all goes on, going forward there is something I'd like to ask the communities help with. In the new hub, I'm planning to leave a history piece of our server for newer players to look over if they so choose and while I've written up a piece already, I'm fully aware there is plenty on interesting stories that I've either forgotten (Let's be frank, we've been going for a darn long time so remembering everything is a challenge, Tongue) or can't remember with enough detail to mention. This is where you all can come in, I'd like those that are willing to contribute to send me a DM on discord OR a PM here, whichever you prefer with stories that might do well being included and I'll piece together what I can and type it into a book in game to be copied and used.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 
Regards, Cupp.